How It Works

Chat For Good is easier than you thought.

In just 3 simple steps you can cherish the experience of lifetime.

Step 1


your favourite star

from the list of celebrities, choose your favourite.

Step 2


a Video chat

Reserve any of the following rewards of your preference.

Step 3


your heart out!

You might run out of words when you see your favourite star on a video chat, but feel free to gain consciousness and talk your heart out.

Choose your Rewards

Get Lucky

Enter a lucky draw with any amount, but above Rs. 200. 3 winners get a chance to video chat with their favourite star. Why not try your luck!


Get mentioned by your favourite celebrity on their social media handle. That's one way to get famous!


Reserve a seat in a 30 minute video party with up to 20 other donors. Come, join the party!

Personalized Video

Receive a personalized video message and compliments from your favourite star. What a swag!

Family & Friends

Host your favourite star to 15 minutes 1- on - 1 video chat and invite 15 guests of your choice. Just make sure they are as awesome as you!


Have your favourite star for 60 minutes all to your yourself. You also get to invite up to 90 guests of your choice. Go on, find your tribe!